Take One is titled as so, because these songs all depict my representations of honest life experiences. There are no take-backs in real life, and everything in my music is authentic, like it really is; the cameras keep rolling no matter what, what happens happens. 
There are four songs on Take One, each representing a different truth that I've discovered in my first encounter with real life experiences.

Midnight Lover depicts feelings of loneliness. Midnight Lover asks the self-identify question, "is anybody right for me?" This song was inspired by the story of Cinderella, through the prince's point of view. This piece aims to hit all of the motifs and ideas I topic as an introductory piece to the album.

Perfect For You is the EP's love song. In the charming key of D, Perfect For You depicts a scene of perfect bliss between two lovers that are perfect for each other. This song is inspired by Ed Sheeran and his masterful songs of perfect happiness. 

Why Do You Do This To Me is a complete 180 to Perfect For You. With its roots in classic rock, this song was actually inspired by Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer." This song was the first one that I wrote for this album, perfectly encapsulating the visceral feelings I wanted to paint with Take One.

Heart Attack, to me, is a "finale... for now." This piece plays with the concept of time, as the song is not in chronological order. I wanted Heart Attack to be deceptively chaotic, as this piece was inspired by Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." This piece is incredibly special to me, and it is definitely the most challenging song I've ever wrote.

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